Who takes “the call” when your client is arrested at 2am?

CommLink’s 24/7 Police Station Callout & Client Support Line

If your client is facing a police interview or a court hearing, then providing a 24/7 support line is key to helping them get the right advice as early as possible, potentially avoiding a conviction.

CommLink has a wealth of experience in dealing with Criminal Lawyers out of hours calls, particularly where people are under arrest at a police station. We can take these calls on your behalf, collecting all the relevant details and then pass the information onto an on-call solicitor. CommLink call handlers are experts in dealing with this type of call, speaking to family members, the police station or DSCC (Defence Solicitors Call Centre) who generally call to make us aware of an arrest situation.

In addition, CommLink is able to liaise with solicitors, recording results of interviews undertaken and whether the client has been charged, bailed, remanded in custody or is required to attend court. This information can then be sent to the office for action the next working day. Many cases we have worked on to date have been high profile cases, including murder, drugs, abuse etc. We are accustomed to dealing with most situations and provide a confidential and knowledgeable service.

Our support line also provides a service for existing clients and any other types of calls, taking a brief message and passing on details to the office for follow up the next working day.One of the many benefits of using a contact centre such as CommLink is that we can offer the exact type and amount of assistance that your organisation requires, so you can concentrate on delivering the best services to your client.

CommLink can take these calls at any time of the day or night. As our offices are operational 24/7/365, we can manage your calls whilst your team is out of the office, passing on information ready for you to take care of the following working day. We can also provide services to filter calls – allowing your teams’ time to be better spent dealing with clients. CommLink can act as a filter using a question and interpretation process, defined by you, so that the wasteful calls are cleansed out before getting to your team.

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