Missing Calls?

Overflow Services to support unexpected increases in call volume

For most companies it’s hard to predict when and how many calls are going to come in. All too often it’s quiet one moment and then suddenly you are rushed off your feet and losing calls the next.

Businesses, regardless of size, suffer from unpredictable and volatile marketing responses, sickness, holiday and maternity leave so the need for overflow support could be just around the corner. Wouldn’t it be good to have an extra pair of hands always there in the background ready to help you whenever you need it?

Our call overflow service is used by large and small companies in a variety of ways. Our larger clients tend to use the service as cover for their main telephone switchboard with callers rarely realising their call has not been answered by the front-desk. Smaller clients tend to use the service for when they or their lines are otherwise engaged.

No matter how busy the lines at your office get, with CommLink’s overflow service you will never miss another call. Callers are diverted seamlessly to our call handlers who can either transfer the caller to the relevant person or take a message and email/text you the details instantly. Overflow calls will be answered in your company name and we can collect all the information you request before arranging a call back or transferring the call.

As always, our systems are extremely flexible and we understand that your day-to-day needs may change on a regular basis. Your overflow solution can be employed as and when required to make sure callers are dealt with professionally.

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