5 Reasons to Outsource

What is an Outsourced Contact Centre?

Call centers can be classified into two parts: Inbound contact center and outbound call centre. Inbound contact center mainly encompasses tailored services like customer support, sales enquiries, troubleshooting solutions, administrative tasks and payment processing. Many Contact Centres offer efficient and streamlined services, where customer calls are handled by professional and highly skilled operatives, rather than being answered at a business’s office. The advantages of call centers services are immense. In many cases, they increase your revenue, save the time of your in-house team. So what benefits could outsourcing to Contact Centre bring to your business?

1. Cost Advantages

One of the simplest reasons is the increase in the bottom line! There are estimates that say companies who outsource their call centre services can save anything from 30% to 60%. Hiving off the call centre operations and non-core related business processes helps companies not only to substantially improve their profit margins but also to concentrate on core businesses and to become more productive. There are numerous call centre service providers in the UK that offer quality services at a very reasonable costs, increasing not only cost savings but other aspects of your business in terms of quality, performance and productivity.

2.  Investment in Technology

Over the years, contact centre technology has gone through major innovations and developments, and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Many of the developments have been designed to improve call agents productivity and client satisfaction. Call centre equipment can also be extremely costly. The cost of purchasing, maintaining and upgrading the telephony equipment can be very draining and complex if you consider the technology advancement taking place within this industry. Outsourcing call centre services and non-core business processes will enable you access the latest equipment without having to outlay huge capital and sourcing highly specialised skill set to operate them. There is no investment required in expensive software, you can utilise your resources for core business processes and generating revenue.

3. Expandable Capabilities

There are some well-established companies that do not have a proper customer service function, and lately, customer support has been one of the top priorities of businesses as customers have become more demanding. There are also many areas where businesses continue to carry out non-core activities, draining resources on more administrative tasks or first line support. Rather than having to pay for additional staff, ustilising employees on non-revenue generating tasks, shelling out for recruitment, training and support involved in employing staff, a company can tap into the services of an outsourced company that specialises in this call centre offering, instantly.

4.  Supporting Diverse Call times

Outsourced call centers are constantly at work, all day, every day, so your customers never get the disappointing “we are currently closed” message. They can always get in touch with someone, in real time, and get their questions answered at any hour of the day or night.

5. Gain Customer Loyalty and Bigger Customer Market

Providing your customers with great customer support, means you can generally expect them to stay loyal to you. You can also expect them to recommend your company to people that they know. A quick, polite and responsive call centre agent will make your customer feel special. Also, outsourcing your calls or business processes will introduce some level of innovation to the way you are doing things. This often improves your customers experience through improved service quality and efficiencies.

Call centre outsourcing definitely delivers a number of advantages. The above-mentioned benefits are just the tip of an iceberg when it comes to improving the overall company’s earnings which ensures that companies are able to grow and defend their market share.

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