7 Common Misconceptions about Telephone Answering Services

For many businesses, the thought of using a Telephone Answering Service can be extremely daunting. Some businesses do not understand the positive impact a service such as this can have on their company and are not aware how such a service can help to improve, or even grow, their business. Others simply don’t know this type of service exists. There are many misconceptions about the Telephone Answering Service and how they can work for you. Here are seven of the most common myths:

I don’t need an answering service

A telephone answering service can be used in a wide variety of industries such as telecoms, lift maintenance and service, IT service management, solicitors, estate agents, business professional and many more. They can easily adapt to your individual call handling needs and answer at times best suited to you. Basically, if you provide a valuable service or product it is very likely you would benefit from an answering service. By using this type of service you are providing valuable cover to your clients, suppliers or prospects at all times ensuring they can always reach friendly professional person whenever they need to

My company is not big enough to have an answering service

Companies of all different sizes can use a telephone answering service. No company is too big or too small to benefit from the services that are provided. Many smaller companies use this facility as they are unable to afford the costs of full-time staff or manage when calls volumes unexpectedly increase without any prior notice. It beneficial as you only pay for calls that are made or received. Larger companies can also benefit as they can provide longer servicing hours to their clients without the hassle of employing extra staff to cover unsociable hours such as evenings or weekends. No matter what size your company is you can be reassured that the high-quality customer service that your clients have come to expect from you will not be compromised.

I can’t afford an answering service

There are many misconceptions that this type of service is too costly. Good telephone answering services will assess your requirements in the form of a bespoke pricing package. By doing this they can tailor their pricing based on your specific requirements and needs which makes the service more cost effective. They will also take into consideration the expected volume of calls each month to ensure that you get the quality of service you require at the price that is right for you. In a lot of cases the service that is provided can reduce your employment costs in the long run as you can then utilise your employees more effectively which reduces the need for employees to be dedicated to answering incoming calls. Also telephone answering services can cover your calls when you are unable to. For example, out of hours, at weekends and bank holidays or simply when your offices are closed. This means that your company can still function professionally without you being there. To be honest you can’t really afford NOT to have an answering service.

Customers don’t want to talk to an answering service

Callers WANT to talk to a real person and get disgruntled if they receive your voicemail. This can worry callers and does not meet their expectations in regards to the reason why they are calling you. It is also proven that a high percentage of new business calls will hang up if they receive voicemail and then call one of your competitors. All callers want to feel that their needs are being met at all times and that someone is addressing their enquiry. This portrays the image that you care about each and every call you receive. Also, if you employ a good professional telephone answering company your callers will never know that they are not calling your company direct. They would never advise your callers, unless instructed by you, that they are “a call centre”. They would always portray that they are an employee of yours just as they would if they were based in your offices.

I won’t know what’s going on

You will always be kept in the loop about calls that are coming in. Call answering service representatives can forward calls to the appropriate person(s), take a message and deliver those messages in a way that works for your business. Messages can be sent through to you either instantly or at a time to suit you. Messages can be sent through in various different formats such as email, fax, text message, .csv file. So no matter where you are you can still receive your messages. You are completely in control at all times.

Lack of knowledge in my industry

You can prep the telephone answering service with as much information about your business as you like. They use call scripts written with the information you provide so that this information can then be stored so that it can be retained at any time. This ensures that enquiries are dealt with efficiently and effectively.

Poor Customer Service

A telephone answering service does not automatically mean someone will receive poor customer service. Good telephone answering services will also strive to exceed in excellent customer service and the representatives will be fully trained before taking calls on any account. You can have peace of mind knowing that they will handle your calls just as you would expect from someone who were based in your offices.

Many of the reasons that people believe that a telephone answering service is not right for them are simply misconceptions. You can be afforded with many benefits that can help you manage incoming calls, provide better customer services, be more cost effective as well as reducing the amount of street on you and your employees. Now that you know the truth you can see that using a telephone answering service can help meet your needs as your business continues to grow, no matter what your size.

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